Self-Piercing Rivet (SPR) Gun

The electric self-piercing rivet gun (abbreviated as SPR rivet gun) manufactured by Questok can seamlessly cooperate with thermosensitive materials such as aluminum, using cold forming technology to join two or more metal sheets together. In the process of sheet metal joining, a fastener known as a self-piercing rivet is required.

Fortunately, there’s no need to pre-drill holes for the fasteners, as our self-piercing rivet gun can penetrate and securely fasten metal sheets by applying precise and powerful force (up to a maximum pressure of 10 tons). This design significantly simplifies the process of sheet metal joining, making it widely applicable in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and general metal fabrication.

Say goodbye to worries about “collision dent fix”! We can customize C yokes for riveting and rivet removal based on different car brands and your specific needs. The c yokes are also rotatable by 350 degrees, allowing you to access and position any intricate areas with ease. We also provide additional aluminum self-piercing rivet gun kits, including punches, magnetic molds, straps, lithium batteries and more.

Our self-piercing rivet gun can be operated pneumatically or hydraulically, which is the prevailing method in most repair shops. Additionally, the high-capacity battery ensures that the cordless self-piercing rivet gun can operate steadily for an extended period. With an ergonomic handheld design, it provides a comfortable user experience.

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