Clinching Tool

The clinching tool is a specialized equipment used for connecting sheet metal. Clinching connection is a sheet metal joining technique that doesn’t require welding, bolts, or nuts. It involves applying pressure to clamp two or more metal sheets together, forming a sturdy connection. The clinching gun is designed to be portable handheld (standard weight 5kg), easy to handle, and provides an effective solution for sheet metal joining.

Our clinching tool is driven by pneumatic or hydraulic systems, exerting pressure on sheet metal to tightly connect them. This connection method doesn’t require heating, thus it doesn’t affect the material’s properties and doesn’t need additional consumables.

Clinching tools find extensive applications in various industries, including automotive manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, and household appliances. They offer manufacturers an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution for sheet metal connections. By using clinching guns, manufacturers can achieve quick and secure connections, while reducing production costs and increasing efficiency.

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