In the automotive sector, sheet metal joining solutions are used to assemble vehicle bodies, chassis, and various components.

Benefits We Offer

Cost Saving

  • Investment saving in new cars R&D and trial production.
  • Riveting quality is guaranteed no re-work is needed.
  • Easy and efficient in operation.

Safety Aassured

  • All of our SRP riveting guns are designed with pressure adjustment function.
  • Our electro-hydraulic system guarantees more precise pressure output.
  • Our digital SPR riveting gun can show the real-time riveting pressure.

In new energy electric vehicles collision repair, self-piercing riveting gun is a required product. There are two key requirements to guarantee quality riveting: 1. correct pressure for different parts of the vehicle. 2. precise pressure output. We support you in mastering these challenges by our special pressure adjusting mechanism and high precision pressure sensor as well as our over 10 years’ experience in ev car collision repair.

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