Since 2011, Questok has been focusing on developing efficient sheet metal joining technologies, covering from self-piercing riveting to non-consumable clinching and fastener pressing. Self-piercing riveting guns, clinching tools, fastener pressing guns, rivets, and other products developed by Questok have been widely used in many industries and have received good feedback. Questok is committed to helping 30,000,000 companies around the world increase their fastening efficiency by 50% and always provides customers with excellent sheet metal joining solutions.


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As a leader in efficient sheet metal joining solutions, Questok has been dedicated to the research and development of rivetless clinching and riveting technologies. With profound engineering expertise, we have successfully developed a variety of products including self-piercing rivet guns, clinching tools, fastener pressing guns, rivets, etc.

Questok has consistently provided sheet metal joining solutions for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, new energy, shipbuilding, and household appliances, receiving positive feedback from customers. Through the relentless efforts of our team, we have obtained over 30 patents, helping thousands of factories improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance competitiveness.

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We provide reliable and durable sheet metal joining solutions for the home appliances industry.


Self-piercing rivet guns are widely used in the automotive industry for joining sheet metal components.


Sheet metal joining products are crucial for aerospace, ensuring structural integrity, safety, and aircraft performance.

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