Self-Piercing Rivet (SPR) Gun

The electric self-piercing rivet gun (abbreviated as SPR rivet gun) manufactured by Questok can seamlessly cooperate with thermosensitive materials such as aluminum, using cold forming technology to join two or more metal sheets together. In the process of sheet metal joining, a fastener known as a self-piercing rivet is required. Fortunately, there's no need to pre-drill holes for the fasteners, as our self-piercing rivet gun can penetrate and securely fasten metal sheets by applying precise and powerful force (up to a maximum pressure of 10 tons). This design significantly simplifies the process of sheet metal joining, making it widely applicable in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and general metal fabrication. Say goodbye to worries about "collision dent fix"! We can customize C yokes for riveting and rivet removal based on different car brands and your specific needs. The c yokes are also rotatable by 350 degrees, allowing you to access and position any intricate areas with ease. We also provide additional aluminum self-piercing rivet gun kits, including punches, magnetic molds, straps, lithium batteries and more. Our self-piercing rivet gun can be operated pneumatically or hydraulically, which is the prevailing method in most repair shops. Additionally, the high-capacity battery ensures that the cordless self-piercing rivet gun can operate steadily for an extended period. With an ergonomic handheld design, it provides a comfortable user experience. Want to know about the self-piercing rivet gun price? Please contact us!

Clinching Tool

The clinching tool is a specialized equipment used for connecting sheet metal. Clinching connection is a sheet metal joining technique that doesn't require welding, bolts, or nuts. It involves applying pressure to clamp two or more metal sheets together, forming a sturdy connection. The clinching gun is designed to be portable handheld (standard weight 5kg), easy to handle, and provides an effective solution for sheet metal joining. Our clinching tool is driven by pneumatic or hydraulic systems, exerting pressure on sheet metal to tightly connect them. This connection method doesn't require heating, thus it doesn't affect the material's properties and doesn't need additional consumables. Clinching tools find extensive applications in various industries, including automotive manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, and household appliances. They offer manufacturers an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution for sheet metal connections. By using clinching guns, manufacturers can achieve quick and secure connections, while reducing production costs and increasing efficiency. Welcome to browse our product page to learn more about our highly effective clinching tools. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you to provide the best solution for your connectivity needs.

Fasteners Pressing Gun

Suitable for materials: Alumi-num plate, Galvanized plate, Low carbon steel plate.


Questok offers a diverse range of wholesale rivets, including self-piercing rivets (SPR), flow form rivets (FFR), and solid rivets. Whatever your needs may be, we can provide you with reliable and efficient connection solutions. Our self-piercing rivets are an advanced joining technology that allows for effortless sheet metal joining without the need for pre-drilled holes. Flow form rivets offer another exceptional option, creating robust connections through material flow deformation. Solid rivets, known for their stability and durability, are widely used in various industries. Whether you're in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, home appliances, or other fields, our wholesale rivets can meet your requirements. We offer wholesale rivets in various sizes and materials (aluminum, stainless steel) to suit different application scenarios. Our rivets undergo strict quality control to ensure consistent performance in diverse environments. Explore our product range to learn more about the various types of rivets. If you require customized solutions or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing you with excellent rivets and professional services.

Hole Punching

Rivet Gun Kits

Our rivet gun kits include a variety of accessories, including C yokes, rivet dies, rivet gun batteries, and rivet gun chargers, providing you with a comprehensive solution for all your rivet gun kit needs. C yoke provides stability and support, allowing precise and controlled application of force when joining sheet metal. Rivet dies are precise molds that guarantee accurate and error-free connections every time. Rivet gun batteries offer reliable power support, ensuring the rivet gun stays operational at all times. Rivet gun chargers, on the other hand, recharge the batteries to ensure the rivet gun maintains ample power. Our rivet gun kits are designed to offer seamless support for your riveting tasks and provide a convenient user experience. Whether you're in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, home appliances, or other industries, our rivet gun parts can meet your requirements. Explore our rivet gun kit product range and delve into the functionality and advantages of each accessory to find the rivet gun parts you need.
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