Flow Form Rivets (FFR)

Flow form rivets (FFR) are designed to create strong connections between sheet metal through a precise deformation process. During installation, the body of the flow form rivet undergoes controlled deformation, resulting in tightly secured connections that enhance structural integrity and lifespan.

Our flow form rivets excel in a variety of applications, offering consistent and high-quality connections not only in industries like automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and manufacturing but also adapting to various materials and thicknesses of sheet metal. The unique design allows for a balance between deformation and strength during the connection process, offering reliable connection solutions.

Crafted from meticulously selected materials, our flow form rivets ensure durability and resistance to challenging environments. Furthermore, each of our flow form rivets undergoes strict quality control to ensure that every rivet meets the highest standards.

Questok offers a selection of flow form rivets, and if customization is required, our team can provide personalized options to meet your specific requirements.

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