Self-Piercing Rivet Machine ESR800B

Total weight of standard machine is 5kg convenient to use at different work sites.
Meet the demand of high frequency use 30~60KN pressure adjustment (2 seconds for 1 riveting).
Various application
Designed for fast riveting on various material panels in different thickness from 0.5mm to 9mm.
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Self-Piercing Rivet Machine ESR800B
Self-Piercing Rivet Machine ESR800B
Self-Piercing Rivet Machine ESR800B

1. Various Professional Dies for Diffefent Function

Riveting, pressing, flattening, dismantling punching, etc.

2. High Pressure Cylinder

Stable output of strong power.

3. Pressure Ajudst Valve

Pressure is adjustable from 30kn to 60kn according to different panels’ materials and thickness, thus to guarantee quality riveting in various applications.

4. Trigger and Handle

Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold.

5. With Electro-Hydraulic Control System

Microcomputer control precision hydraulic system quarantees to achieve stable output of high- orecision,high-pressure and variable pressure.

6. Special Designed Arm

350° free rotating arm, 3 different options to meet different demands, customization is available.

7. Manual Pressure Relief Valve

In case of misoperation, press it to relieve pressure.

8. 18V Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Rechargeable lithium batteries, service life reaches 600 times of charge and discharge each full charge can rivet 300 to 400 times.

1 Set Reliable Machine
1 Set Reliable Machine
Various Dies for Different Functions
Various Dies for Different Functions
Fast Charger
Fast Charger
Large Capacity Lithium Battery X2
Large Capacity Lithium Battery X2
Effort-Saving Sling
Effort-Saving Sling
Item Specification
Force 30~60Kn adjustable
Motor 18V DC
Battery DC 18V 4Ah lithium battery
Charger AC 100V-240V  50-60Hz
Charging Time 1hour
Work Temperature -10℃-40℃
Work Period 3-5s/time
Work Time/Full Charge 300-400times vary according to force
Noise 75dB

Portable, standard set weightis 5kg.

Pressureis adjustable from 30kn to 60kn.

1 riveting takes 2-3 seconds.

18V rechargeable lithium batteries.

8 functions available.

Riveting Die

Riveting Die


ESR-800 Options

Professional Customized Arms

We can provide customized arms according to different car brands and your different applications thus to quarantee efficiencv and convenience and rivet quality.

ESR-800 Options
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